What and Where to Eat in Shenyang

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The Chinese province of Liaoning lies in the northeastern side of China, and Shenyang is its capital.


It’s one of the most important business centers in the country.


But Shenyang offers something extra. It’s the home of Liaocai cuisine, which favors plenty of garlic, ginger, and exotic spices, without chili-heat. The city also has sizeable Korean and Mongolian populations, adding to the distinctness of Shenyang’s cuisine. For this reason, travel up to Shenyang, whether for a vacation or for business, is definitely worth the trouble. Do try the local cuisine—it’s not only delicious, but cheaper than going for western-style foods in the city.


Ma Jia Steamed Dumpling Restaurant

This Shenyang restaurant on No.24 Zheng Yang Street serves the Hui people’s specialty, now locally called the “Ma Jia steamed dumpling.” This is a steamed rice flour “bun” shaped to look like a peony bud, and stuffed with beef and special condiments.



Li Lian Gui Smoked Meat Large Flatbread

Think of this as a lean pancake, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, stuffed with bacon inside. This savory pastry has thick smoky fragrance, and is tasty but not greasy. The Shenyang establishment that serves this bears the same name as its product, and stands at No. 4 Zhen Yang Street (second section).


Lao Bian Jiaozi Restaurant

This is one of Shenyang’s most famous “Chinese dumpling” restaurants. Founded in 1829, it has two branches: one on 57 Beishichang Jie, and another at Zhong Jie, in Shenhe District. The great thing about the Shenhe District branch is that it sits right next to Mukden Palace, once the center of the Qing Dynasty, China’s last imperial government. You can travel to see this UNESCO World Heritage site then have your dumplings. They’re open daily from 10:00AM to 8:00PM.



Xita Korea Town

Xita is also called the “Western Pagoda” of Shenyang. The streets around it are where most of Shenyang’s Korean community live, and this area is known for having many good restaurants (mostly Korean or Korean-influenced cuisine). To get there, start from Shenyang’s South train station; travel northwards on Taiyuan Jie towards Tita, Shifu Da Jie. (Public buses 249, 252, 255, and 611 all travel on this route as well.) Try to find amusingly-named “Don’t Tell Mama,” on Xita Street, a Chinese-style cabaret-club with lots of beer, dance acts, and singing.



Other Notable Restaurants

Travel to Fuyunlong Restaurant (Door No. 1 at Number 25, Huanghenan Street), or the Baidiyuan Restaurant on No. 72 Tumen Road. And if you’d like some tea, try the Shenyang’s Wanzai Tea Restaurant (First floor, Building A, Huayang Building, 386 Qinglian Street).

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