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Harbin, a small ice city, in Northern China was originally built by the Russians as a way station, which was later captured by the Chinese.


The city, due to its vibrant culture and freezing temperature has been a sought after summer getaway, not just for the Chinese, but for Russians and tourists from across the globe. The city is home to Harbin University, which plays a major role in Chinese Education. Information on Harbin transportation is listed below for the convenient of the tourists.


By Air:

The Harbin Airport (IATA: HRB) is located at a 45 minute drive from the city, amidst soybean fields. The drive to the airport from the city, by taxi, could approximately cost around 100-200 Yen. It is imperative to bargain on the price, for the taxi drivers might take you for a ride, being a tourist. There are bus service as well, which would cost around 20 yen.


The airport is well connected to a dozen domestic destinations and international destinations such as Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, Russia, Niigata, Japan, Seoul, South Korea and Los Angeles, USA.


By Train:

Reaching Harbin by train is by far one of the easiest, convenient and cheapest modes of transport. The destination station is “Tielu Jie”, located between Nangang and Daoli districts. One needs to secure the ticket stub for the security check at the exit station. From the station, one needs to hire a taxi from a dozen waiting in the official line, so as to reach Harbin. There are few decent hotels and restaurants, just outside the “Tielu jie”. There’s a KFC, which might be a boon to the hungry westerners.


By car

China Highway 102 via Changchun serves the route from other parts of China. Harbin is well connected by road to Inner Mongolia, Russia, and Jilin. Although, there are routes to Harbin by Car, this is not a preferred mode of transport, unless unavoidable.


By Bus:

The bus station (Changtu Keyun Zhan) is located just across the square from main train station. The majority of cities in Heilongjiang can be reached by bus from Beijing, Mudanjiang, Qiqihar, Changchum, Jilin, Dalian, Shenyang, Wudailanchi and Yanji.


Taxi at Harbin:

Taxi, although tagged as inexpensive and convenient, has been unfair in its pricing structure. Tourists need to demand for charge by meter, which otherwise would end up in the tourist paying exorbitantly high. The Taxi drivers have been speeding and driving rash despite the stringent laws. The taxi drivers would take in more passengers on the way to your destination and yet charge you the rate initially accepted for. There are few things such as the taxi rates, which demands your focus.

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