China, Shijiazhuang Attractions

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Shijiazhuang is a newly developing city situated in the province of Hebei, in northern China.

It is a friendly town buzzing with trade, floating population as well as tourists. Travelling to Shijiazhuang can be very fairly easy as it is an important business hub of China. Lots of people, locals as well as tourists travel to and fro this city on a regular basis.

A vacation in Shijiazhuang can be very pleasant. It is an industrial town as well as one going through a modernization phase; it is also a city of historical prominence. The city holds many tourist friendly aspects along with its wide variety of captivating charms that would make your travel worthwhile. Here are a few attractions you won’t regret visiting:

Zhaozhou Bridge

The Zhaozhou Bridge is a historical magnificence in terms of engineering and architecture. Dating back to the 6th century this bridge represents the art and design brilliance of an extinct era. The Zhaozhou Bridge was built during the Sui Dynasty. And ever since, it has outlived several natural upheavals in terms of earthquakes and floods. The bridge also holds the title of being the largest bridge in China.

Cangyan Mountain

A tranquil mountain top with breathtaking landscapes adorned with traditional Chinese temples that add an extra serenity to the picture. The valleys are filled with knotted rock formations presenting an eerie ambiance. The famous movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was filmed in the valley of this mountain. Now you would have a good idea of the natural beauty of this place. Cangyan Mountain is a wonderful place to relax and feel free from all the hustle and bustle of the city life. A vacation to Shijiazhuang would be incomplete without a visit to Cangyan Mountain.

Pilu Monastery

Also known as the Vairocana Monastery this place holds numeral detailed stone carvings and murals. Built during the Tang Dynasty the monastery displays intricate carvings and craftwork of the era in its walls stone pedestals. The monastery also includes murals from the Yuan and Ming dynasties; where it underwent many changes. This monastery is best visited on a sunny day to explore the details of the buildings art work.

Hebei Provincial Museum

This is an absolute must visit. The museum exhibits the decade’s two most famous discoveries; the tombs of Princess of Han and of King Zhongshan; both dating back to second and fourth century BCE.

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