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Kaikoura is the small island-town east of the Pacific Ocean and lies at the southern tip of New Zealand.


Kaikoura is famous for its wide selection of delicious seafood and captivating underwater scenes. Located between Blenheim and Christchurch, Kaikoura makes for a great vacation destination if you want a slice of idyllic New Zealand island life.





To get to this coastal New Zealand town, you can arrive there by plane. Kaikoura Airport is one of the small airports in New Zealand, so do not expect to be riding a large plane. The planes that land in Kaikoura are very small ones. Thus, you might want to avoid having too much luggage with you when travelling to Kaikoura. You can also take the bus, train, and car from other stops in New Zealand.

Kaikoura is along the popular New Zealand touring route called the Alpha Pacific Triangle. The Alpha Pacific Triangle connects Waipara Valley, Hammer Springs, and Kaikoura together. Enjoy a pleasant drive of 370 kilometers that span many scenic places.

Aside from the amazing underwater and coastal geography, you can see sperm whales, New Zealand fur seals, dolphins, and wandering albatross in Kaikoura. In fact, the Orca (the biggest dolphin in the world) and the Hector’s (the smallest and rarest dolphin in the world) are often seen in Kaikoura.

The rich sea life of the coastal town attracts many seals and other aquatic animals. This is attributed to Kaikoura’s being situated at the edge of a continental shelf. So, when it comes to getting your fill of some of the most amazing marine creatures, Kaikoura is one of the best tourist destinations for that.

From enchanting views of New Zealand mountains and the wonders of the Pacific Ocean, Kaikoura gives any tourist an unforgettable vacation. Activities to do during your Kaikoura vacation include the following: surf on point breaks and reef breaks, watch whales, take fishing trips, kayak alongside dolphins and seals, swim with seals and dolphins, take a walk in the Kaikoura wilderness with tour guides, and be involved in South Pacific safaris.

The Kaikoura Wilderness Walks consist of a two to three day guided hiking tours on the privately owned magnificent terrain of Puhi Peaks Nature Reserve near the borders of Kaikoura. The wilderness tours already include an upscale choice of lodging, expert local guides for the hiking trails, the breathtaking sights of alpine terrain, and beautiful New Zealand wilderness.

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