Top Attractions in Zhengzhou


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Zhengzhou, China has a history thousands of years old.


The city is the capital of the Henan Province and often dubbed the Green City due to the large number of ancient trees present on its streets. Travel to Zhengzhou to marvel at its vast array of cultural and historical gems, several of which are outlined as follows:

The Northern Song Dynasty Imperial Tombs are mausoleums totaling over 1,000 in number. Famous emperors such as Jin Binglu, Zhao Hongyin, and Cai Qui are buried in these tombs, which are decorated with impressive and gigantic stone sculptures. The tombs are located in the western portion of Henan Province, Gongxian County.

The Henan Provincial Museum awes visitors with its pyramidal shaped architecture. Here travelers can learn about all the ancient civilizations that were based in Zhengzhou. The artifacts present include Song dynasty pottery, bronzes, old bells, even dinosaur bones! The Henan Provincial Museum is regarded as one of three “must-sees” museums in China. Audio tours in English are available.

If you are traveling with small children, don’t miss seeing the Henan Museum of Science and Technology. Small kids will love to rumple on interactive science exhibits with local children. The museum also provides a glimpse into modern day Chinese education for the culturally curious.


The Shaolin Temple is a world famous Buddhist temple that was founded in the fifth century. Birthplace of Chinese martial arts, specifically Kung Fu, the temple attracts visitors from around the world. Many tourists opt to take a bus tour that departs from nearby Song Mountains, which give them the opportunity to travel to other famed sites en route.


Nature lovers cannot resist visiting the Yellow River scenic area. Five breathtaking stops – Five Dragons Peak, Camel Mountain Range, Yueshan Temple, Stone Figures, and the Ancient City of Liuband and Xiangyu – take visitor’s breath away. Located nearby is the Yellow River Museum, featuring natural history exhibits.


The Erqi Memorial Tower opened in September 1971 in memory of the 1923 Erqi Strike. Spanning 63 meters and 14 floors, the tower commemorates the communist-led strike of rail workers and the establishment of the Workers Union of Beijing-Hankou Railway.


Finally, make sure to visit the Shang Dynasty Wall in east Zhengzhou. Even though the mounds are not the most impressive, any remnants of The Great Wall should not be missed while in China. The small mounds are now overgrown by greenery, yet offer visitors a one of a kind opportunity to actually walk on or touch relics of China’s earliest recorded history.

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