The New 7 Wonders of Nature

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Nature has given us an abundance of magnificence to wonder at. It is not an easy task to choose from what is best out of its innumerable bounty. From rainforests to life under the ocean, global poll organizers have come up with a list of spectacles fashioned by nature. Here are the new seven wonders of nature:


1. Underground River, Puerto Princesa, Philipines



Flowing 8.2 km under an intricately structured limestone cave, the underground river traverses through the mountains of Puerto Princesa and into the South China Sea. The navigable waters under the cliff make a scenic travel. The formation of this limestone cliff has been caused by the slow but steady crafting by water erosion, and thus making an underground river route.


2. Jeju Island, South Korea



Located 130km off the southern coast, Jeju Island is of the largest islands in South Korea. It spreads over 1864 square kilometers and is home to South Korea's tallest mountain, Hallasan, which is also an inactive volcano.


3. Komodo Island, Indonesia


Famed for its coral reef and clear waters, the island was initially dedicated to komodo dragons. Now it is also a national park, a shelter for endangered and rare species including various sea creatures.


4. Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa



An iconic mountain with an unusually flat surface instead of a conical peak, the Table Mountain boasts of a diverse flower kingdom of over 1,470 species. Rising 1,086 meters above sea level, the Table Mountain is known to have withstood over 6 million years of wear and tear.


5. Amazon Rainforest, South America



Amazon, the largest rainforest on earth, spans over nine countries and signifies over half of the world’s rainforests. The forest is home to a cornucopia of rich species of plants and animals. Another wonder within this forest is the Amazon River basin, spreading over 7 million Sq Km, the widest river basin on the planet.


6. Halong Bay, Vietnam



The Halong Bay, literally meaning “Descending Dragon Bay”, presents an assortment of majestic limestone formations. Small islands along this bay feature small floating villages. Many of these limestone krasts are hollow and cave like, and in them are a significant number of lakes. Another feature of this bay is the diverse collection of sea creatures in its shallow waters.


7. Iguazu Falls, Argentina & Brazil



Spanning over 2 Kilometers between two nations in a curved shape, the Iguazu falls is of the world’s largest waterfalls. About 275 collective falls make up the Iguazu, the tallest being “Devil’s Throat” at 80 meters in height.

No list of words is enough to describe the beauty of nature. These places present an incomparable paradigm that is beyond any product of imagination. These may be only seven destinations but each holds their own status and uniqueness that takes your breath away.

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