Surreal Lijiang

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Lijiang is a pleasant town in the Yunan province of China, blessed with the best of what nature and mankind has to offer.


It brags of imposing and aesthetic mountains, rivers, and a long harmonious history. The Old Town of Lijiang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Its history goes back about 900 years to the era of the Sung Dynasty. One of the few cities that are over a mile high, it is within the vicinity of the Lijiangba Dam, abound by snowcapped mountains and a river that cuts through thick oriental forests and many tiny streams running through idyllic towns. No wonder, Lijiang is often referred to as “Heaven on Earth”.

A majority of residents in Lijiang belong to the Naxi tribe who make a living by herding yaks and running small retail businesses. Ancient Lijiang was developed during the time of the Ming Dynasty. During that time, many people in Anhui province migrated to Lijiang to station military troops. As a result of this mass migration, the sites of ancient Lijiang have a predominant architectural influence of the Anhui Province. If one has to see indigenous Naxi tribe style structures, one has to hit the rural outskirts around Lijiang City.


The Yuan dynasty took over the reins from the Ming Dynasty. Mongol Emperor, Kublai Khan ruled Lijiang in the years following 1253. At that time, Lijiang was where the military was stationed. This era saw Lijiang slowly being influenced by the religion and culture in Central China, such as Buddhism & Taoism. Christianity and Islam’s influence started in the early 1900s. The Naxi community harmoniously soaked in all of these amalgamations. Lijiang is now acknowledged for its symphonic multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-traditional identity throughout Asia.

The allure of the plainness, placidity and the culture hues invite many travelers to Lijiang. Music too plays an important role in Lijiang. One shouldn’t be surprised if the most mellifluous music would hit them from any of the dwellings, while traveling the streets of Dayanzhen town. Often home-made, the musical instruments grace parties on all occasions across town.


Lijiang is also home to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, easily one of the most gorgeous mountain ranges in the World, this place is one for all your senses. The Shanzidou peak standing 5,596 meters tall  towers in this Mountain Massif. Viewed from the South or the North, the thirteen mountain peaks resemble a giant Chinese dragon in flight, an imposing sight indeed.

Nature, culture, peace & tranquility: the best of these are waiting for you at Lijiang. Now you know which vacation spot to hit next.

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