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Although relatively small in size, Singapore offers plenty of tourist attractions, and its blend of Western familiarity and Eastern uniqueness is sure to delight and fascinate visitors.

Sentosa Island draws many comparisons with Disneyland, featuring attractions such as the Insect Kingdom and Butterfly Park with its collection of over 1,500 species of butterflies and 3,000 species of bugs and insect, the Fountain Gardens, and the Dragon Trail Nature Walk. The island is also home to Asia’s largest oceanarium. For those more historically inclined, the Singapore Museum brings back the graphic and terrifying period of Japanese occupation for generations of visitors to come. As well as numerous restaurants, accommodation and other resort activities, the island also has three beaches. Along with plenty of green spaces throughout the city, the spectacular Botanic Garden holds over 3,000 species of plants and trees and around half a million plants and varies themed gardens. Venture further outside the city and you’ll find the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, with an incredible collection of trees species, and the remnants of fauna that have now mostly disappeared.


For a glimpse of the wildlife, Singapore boasts the largest bird park in Southeast Asia. Jurong Bird Park is home to 8,000 species of common and rare tropical birds, housed in the world’s tallest walk-in aviary. Next to the Singapore Zoological Gardens is one of the world’s first nocturnal safari. The Night Safari is an environment created to showcase various nocturnal animals in their native habitat using special lighting designed to mimic the moonlight.

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