War Museum


gives you a brilliant insight to the British colony of Singapore during World War Two. The Fort Siloso bus takes you on a short ride from near the Rasa Sentosa Hotel to the start of the tour. You are free to wander around the different areas of the museum (colour-coded for easy navigation) at your leisure which means you don't feel rushed and can go at your own pace.

Fort Siloso


is the actual site of the original army barracks and artillery emplacements and they all have been restored to their original glory. It is all combined with displays of poignant newspaper headlines, photographs and memorabilia from the day which makes it very easy to follow the story of  the Battle of Singapore during 1942. Even if this is not your usual way of spending the day, you won't forget your visit.

The Fort is located on western tip of the island of Sentosa (formerly called Blakang Mati - the Island behind the Dead) which is just south of Singapore Island, with the water between forming Keppel Harbour. Fort Siloso is one of four coast artillery batteries which were constructed on Blakang Mati by the British. The word ‘Siloso’ means ‘Jealous Person’, and is from the Philippines.

Of necessity this site contains many photographs. Please be patient as they download. Images with a white border can be clicked on to show a large version, many of which display extra information. Most of the photographs in this website have been taken over a period of years from 1993 to 2010, and this shows in the different colour schemes applied to buildings as seen throughout the site. Other photos I have acquired over the years or have come from archival sources.