For art lovers in the capital, Santiago offers a plentiful and varied menu of museums, galleries and exhibitions.

Futaleufú to Lollapalooza: 5 Chile travel destinations for March

Late summer in Chile is a beautiful time to be on the road: hitting the tail end of the tourism season means lower prices and empty campsites.

Paul Hayle hang on to win Chile Classic

Rookie Paul Haley admitted his final round in the Chile Classic presented by Pacific Rubiales Energy "wasn't pretty, but it was good enough."

Lonquimay: A unique getaway in Chile’s famed mountain range

"Chile is like an island, bound on its western and southern frontiers by ocean, desert to the north and the Andes to the east."

The Yosemite of Chile’ - hike, climb and frolic in Cochamó

Today, the "Yosemite of Chile" is still low-key and remote, but the secret is out: this is one of the premier climbing destinations in Chile.

A quiet spot in the shade, part 2 - sitting with history in 5 Santiago plazas

On this second article about plazas, we visit one of the first aristocratic neighborhood of Santiago

Diving into Chile’s warm water beaches: Iquique

Here is the second in a series on Chile's warm and spectacular beaches. This time we will show you Iquique.

A big shot in the heights

Felipe Aguilar, Len Mattiace, Jeff Gove and D.J. Brigman made a symbolic shot from the roof at the Titanium Tower, the highest point in Santiago, to launch the Chile Classic by Pacific Rubiales Energy.

Family travel in Chile: Going to the beach at Algarrobo

Whether you're an adult packing toddlers or a teenager on the road with mom and dad in tow, traveling in Chile with your family offers the chance to have the trip of a lifetime.

See Chile’s wild and remote land through ancient eyes

Chile is populated by more than towering mountains, rushing rivers, fierce desert dunes and freshly-powdered ski slopes. There are people here too, and there have been for a very long time.

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