Places of Attraction at Urumqi

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Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Ughur Autonomous region, in Tian Shan Mountains, is administered by China and is the inland city farthest from any ocean.


The city has semi-arid climate, ranging between the extremes -41.5 to 42 degree Celsius. The city has drawn scores of tourists on account of its cultural and shopping delights. The city is a cultural and traditional amalgamation in one geographical location. Home to 13 different ethnic groups such as the Uygur, the Hun, the Mongols, the Kyrgyz, the Kazakhs, and the Hui Muslims and etc.., the city has a rich and varied culture in terms of language, costume, food and life as such. The city, having bestowed with such cultural variety is abounding in musical and dance variety. Tourists can experience the best of such a boon at Er Dao Qaio Grand Bazaar, which hosts a program called Mugam Program or “song of Joy”, featuring 34 varied performances, with a brilliant musical backdrop that has time and again captivated and mesmerized the audience. The city offers numerous places worth the visit, few of which are listed below.


Urumqi Tianchi Lake

Tinachi lake is stunning, with snow mountain backdrop. The lake is apt for trekking with numerous trails to follow; the scenery surrounding the lake is captivating and breadth taking. The lake has boat rides as well, the lake however, is frozen during winter.



Xinjiang Regional Museum

The Museum is home to Loulan, a 4000 year old Mummy, preserved and exhibited at the museum. There is an array of mummies in the exhibit, discovered in the buried cities of Taklamakan. The museum enlightens its visitors with the tradition and history of China, mummies and few other artifacts with explanations in good English. The museum is all, but an eye-opener.


Tianshan Mountains

A stunning scenic beauty, the Tinashan Mountain is one of the best places to visit for shutterbugs.



Red Mountain

The park on the hill top with a free entry, offers a scenic view of the Tian Shan Mountains and the city in all directions.


Da Bazar or Erdaoqiao Market

A Traditional Islamic market, packed with people. The summers are more exciting in the market with the tight rope performers drawing the attention of the crowd. The market is a must see place, for the tourists can see people of different ethnicity. However, the security around the market has been beefed up, which is an interesting affair as well.


Confucian Temple

The temple is a testimony of the traditional and cultural value the city holds. A beautiful and serene place, the temple is at a walking distance from the People’s Square.


Xinjiang Uygur Museum, Nanshan Ranch of Urumqi, Glacier No.1 at the Headwaters of Urumqi River, People’s Park, Liyushan Park, Shuimugou Hot Springs are few other places, that might interest the tourists. Urumqi is certainly a place, worth a visit on a vacation.

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