Packing the Ideal Luggage for a Chinese Vacation

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China is a country that is different from most travel destinations.


Often, the items readily available in most countries are rarely found in China and most tourists from the west wouldn’t be knowledgeable about these shortcomings of a Chinese vacation. With all the travelling excitement and stress some would forget to even pack the essentials.


One key point to remember while travelling is that China is a country with the world’s highest population, making big luggage hard to walk around with. Plan your baggage manageably and pack them so that are easy to carry around. Keeping that in mind, here are other guidelines:


1. Chinese to English phrase book/dictionary

It would be premature to think that many would understand English in China. From the airport itself, you’ll find yourself struggling to communicate with the taxi driver. Having a phrase book will help you easily swim your way though general Chinese communication.


2. Mobile phone

It is recommended that you carry an unlocked GSM phone. China offers many pay as you go plans and it would be easier to carry your own phone instead of searching for one as you reach here. They are no cheaper than the ones present in your country.


3. Coffee

If you happen to be an avid coffee drinker, China will disappoint you badly. Coffee is something that is not easily available here. Compulsory coffee drinkers will be left starved without their own stash of fresh ground or instant coffee powder.



4. Books

English books are a rarity here. Whatever reading material you may need, be it tour guides, novels, or periodicals, bring them along with you.


5. Winter wear

Chinese weather can get unbearably cold. The northern regions experience drastic fall in temperatures. Lodgings maybe quipped with heating facilities but this cannot be always guaranteed to keep you warm enough. Some southern regions don’t even offer central heating. Their winters may not be as cold but it is always good to be safer than sorry.


6. Sleeping bag

Chinese mattresses aren’t known to be soft and spongy. Most mattresses will be firm and this can be a problem to some tourists. Add a soft travel mattress to your vacation baggage to ensure yourself a comfortable night’s sleep.


7. Personal hygiene

Items such as soft tissue papers, wet towels, and deodorants should be brought along. Chinese people don’t usually use deodorants as such so it would be tough to find one of a good label here.


Apart from these key points, you must still remember your usual travelling equipments, from toothbrush to phone chargers and contact lens solution or whatever they may be, you’d still need those.

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