Off-Track Places to Visit in China

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Great Wall of China, Beijing’s Forbidden City, and Shanghai’s Bund are some of the famous places and reasons why tourists travel to China.


But there’s more to China than these well-known landmarks. Hop on and know more about China’s lesser-known places you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Go visit Cuandixia and experience rural life at its finest. To get here, travel on a rented car, subway, bus, or a taxicab. While you are on vacation in Cuandixia, visit small restaurants and order fresh foods straight from their farms like fried leaves and cooked chicken.


Next stop is Zhouzhuang’s Fishing Museum and antique homes. Do try out their fresh sweet candies. On Zhouzhuang, you will get to see scenic spots like the water towns, different souvenir shops in paved streets, canals with arched bridges, and restaurants inside old homes. To get here, take a two hour bus ride from Shanghai Baiwan Stadium.

Experience Europe at Gulang Yu in Southern China. While you are here, do visit Huaijiu Gulang Yu Museum for historical relics, Buddhist Nanputuo Temple to climb the mountain and check on small Buddhas inside caves. Or you can eat out at Baby Cat’s Café for that savory cakes. To get here, travel to Xiamen Airport from Beijing, hail a taxicab to the port of Gulang Yu, and ride a boat to the island.


Shangri-la formerly known as Zhongdian boasts of grand nature sceneries from mountains, to lakes, temples, and even  yak dishes. Go hike and bike at Tian Shen Qiao hot springs, Lake Napa Hai, Tibetan villages, Songzanlin Monastery, and try out different yak delish like the famous yak hot pot. To get here, travel by plane to Diqing and take a bus or ride a car to Shangri-la’s Old Town.

Learn the art of kung-fu at Luoyang, Henan Province. Here you will get to witness kung-fu demonstrations at the Shaolin Temple, see a UNESCO World Heritage Site-Longmen Grottoes, see small pagodas at Pagoda Forest, and appreciate Louyang’s history at the Luoyang Museum. To get here, travel by plane from Beijing or ride a bus to Xi’an.

Freeze at Harbin, northeastern China just near the borders of Russia. Your vacation experience includes ice and snow sculptures, fun activities like ice sliding, a trip to the Russian Orthodox Church, Siberian Tiger Park, and food tripping at Hua Mei Restaurant or at Tatos restaurant. To travel here, take a flight from Beijing or ride overnight aboard a train.

These are just some of the wonderful off-beat spots that you can visit in China. Try out these unusual places once and have a deeper appreciation of the Chinese culture.

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