Must -Sees in Changsha

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Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, China is known as the first city to be successfully guarded against the Japanese during World War II.



It is also a popular destination for many tourists. If you happen to be visiting Changsha, these top attractions give you a good sampling of what the city has to offer.

Visit the Hunan Provincial Museum to see Han era tombs of Emperor Xin Zui and the Marquess of Dai – her 2,100 year old corpse is fully preserved! The lifelike quality of her body is due to moist and elastic quality of her skin when she was first discovered. Other exhibits contain Han dynasty lacquer ware, silk, and pottery. These fascinating exhibits coupled with free admission attract a large crown every day. Make sure to show up at opening time – 9 am –otherwise you might be forced to wait a few before gaining entry.


Intellectuals must stop at Hunan University, where the Mao Zedong attended. There is an impressive statue of the alumni on campus, along with a host of restaurants. And of course, taking a look at the studious University buildings is worth a shot as well.

Yuelu Academy, in Changsha’s west side, is an elite academic institution that is one thousand years old. Here inquisitive minds have a chance to tune into the world of China’s leading intelligentsia, as well as see some stunning architecture.



Shop until you drop in Changsha’s Wuyi Shopping Circle, the foremost shopping area in the city. Almost every department store, supermarket, restaurant, and hotel is located in Wuyi. In the center of this hub is the Aijialing Shopping Circle, which contains the Friendship Store – a government run enterprise selling an eclectic array of gifts - and Apollo Shopping City.

The Changsha Xing Opera is an ancient opera house that opened its doors during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). Here visitors can witness one of the most influential forms of Opera available in the world, Xing Opera, recognizable by its virtuosic rhythms that integrate elements of Hunan dialects and folk music.



Hotel accommodations are just as important as daytime attractions. Jinjiang Inns offer a one-of-a-kind experience with bathrooms that steam up for hours after use, partly because of the unstable nature of the flooring and partly to offer guests a sauna free of charge. It is one of the more pricy venues; an average stay is about 200 yen per night. More affordable options are Fee Tel Inns, 7 Days Inn, and Yuelu Shan Youth Hostel, located west of the Xiang River.

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