Dubrovnik City in Croatia Tourist Attractions


The city of Dubrovnik is a historic old town in southern Croatia, which is located on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik is one of the most famous and most attractive in the Mediterranean. Dubrovnik has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with 2600 hours of sunshine a year. In 1979, Dubrovnik joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage.

The coast is full of beautiful beaches and are willing proud owners of Blue Flag for high environmental standards and infrastructure rich.

Dubrovnik is full of historical content. The old town is a real historical core Stradun, the Rector's Palace, the Church of San Blas, the Sponza Palace, Orlando's Column and other historic churches and streets of the city.

Stradun is the largest and most famous street of the city that divides the old city center on the north and south. It is a popular promenade and a meeting place. Stradun presents the only urban component of the city.

The city is surrounded by city walls are 1940 meters long. Cover five strengths and sixteen towers and bastions. It is the second open-air museum world's most attractive. The walls are open for visitors throughout the whole year.

In 37 feet of rock, west of the old town is Fort Lovrjenac. The fort is a symbol of freedom of Dubrovnik and survival. Today, the fort is used for theater in the summer there is a stage for theatrical performances and special works of William Shakespeare.

The Church of San Blas is the symbol of the city and San Blas is the patron saint of the city.

Orlando's Column is a column of the fifteenth century with the character of medieval knight with a sword in his hand. It is located in the plaza between the Sponza Palace and the Church of San Blas.

The DRS mountain is 413 meters high and rises to the north of Dubrovnik. Imperial fortress is at the top that offers a magnificent view of Dubrovnik and its surroundings.

In the city, enjoy Mediterranean cuisine. Visit some of the restaurants in the old city and enjoy the flavors of the food and wines.

In Dubrovnik, especially in Stradun, you can see the rich and famous, they often spend their summer holidays on luxury yachts anchored off romantic Lokrum.

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