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The Eco Project

Auckland's Wildlife Encounter, at the Auckland Zoo.

With over 117 different animal species and more than 700 animals The Auckland Zoo already houses New Zealand’s largest collection of native and exotic animals, but there is a lot more to come!

Auckland Zoo is just undergoing development for a 16-million-dollar eco-project, Te Wao Nui, due to open in September this year. This unique eco-project comprises of six distinctive ecological areas: The Islands, The Night, The Wetlands, The High Country, The Coast and The Forest. The brand-new area will give you a unique insight into New Zealand’s flora and fauna, showcasing over 100 native plant species and 60 native animal species. New animals are arriving at Auckland Zoo and extensive planting lets the different ecological areas take shape already.

On Queen’s Birthday weekend, the area The Forest has even been opened to visitors for a sneak preview on the eco-project. The Forest houses native birds in a rain forest aviary and offers a glimpse of past times when New Zealand was almost completely covered in forest. Birds you will be able to encounter in The Forest include the Kaka, Yellow-crowned Parakeet, Tui, Bellbird and Kereru.

If you’re after more New Zealand’s zoo's, browse our listings. Zoos are also great places for hands-on wildlife encounters and great fun for the whole family.

Posted by: Jeff the Kiwi – Advisor

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