3 Must-Do Adrenaline Adventures in China

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China has opened its doors to the world which has resulted in the influx of tourists visiting each year.


If you want to have an unforgettable time in China, try going for raw adventures. Dare yourself to travel into the wild with these top three adventures in China.

Go hiking at the Tiger Leaping Gorge for two to three days. Beat your fear of heights and be in awe with one of the world’s deepest gorges. Whether you travel with a group or solo, the hiking trail will take you to bending trails, cliff edges, local villages, and nature. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is located in Yunnan, China, which is one of China’s attractive provinces.


The travel itinerary at the Tiger Leaping Gorge will take you to a snakelike steep hillside trail dubbed as the 28 Bends, steeper cliffs, epic waterfalls, mountains, local fields, and towards Yangtze River,. It is a challenging trail that needs a lot of air and proper mindset to keep you going. You will soon be rewarded with majestic views of the mountains, local villages, raging river rapids, waterfall view, and nature appreciation. Take a stop at Halfway House to see the amazing waterfalls. Don’t be intimidated by the challenges along the trail such as climbing ladders up to six stories tall, keeping up with a 90-degree angle trail, hugging cliff-edges, and balancing yourself at wits end all without a harness or rope to cling on. Don't worry, you'll soon be rewarded with magnificent views and take home some bragging rights as a true blooded travel adventurer.

Stop by Sichuan-Tibet Highway and experience western China. The epic road trip will start at Chengdu, capital province of western China. From Chengdu you take a bus to Kangding, then take a minibus to Litang for 9 to 10 hours. From Litang, take the highway motors to Tibet’s capital, Lhasa. The highlight of your trip will be on the way to Litang where you get to appreciate the beauty of nature and local villages. On the way you may get to witness the Tibetan sky burial custom where the chopped corpse is fed to vultures.

Who would forget The Great Wall of China? Definitely not you, so travel to Jinshanling or Simatai and hike over 10,000 kilometers of The Great Wall of China. You may join the annual Great Wall Marathon to test your endurance and appreciate the grandeur of this historical landmark and the surrounding villages.

Head over to China and experience a one-of-a-kind adventure. But don’t forget to pack your camera with you. Every beauty is worth remembering and the best thing to remember it is through pictures!

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