Things You Can Do in Los Angeles

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With sightseeing as one of the most sought after tourist activities, Los Angeles can be a labyrinth of attractive venues. Every corner has something to offer.

Other than the usual tour guide destinations, there are many attractions you can enjoy without causing a tear in your wallet. From historical scenes to the glam and fame of Hollywood, there is always something to do here for free.

Want to witness a glimpse of Egypt in Los Angeles? Then tour the Central Public Library. This library echoes an Egyptian style architecture craze that went widespread in the USA after King Tutankhamen's discovery. Another place of historical wonder is seen in 1300 block of Carroll Avenue. The houses of this block have a great influence of the Victorian era, taking you back in time.

And if you wish to travel even further back in time, you can visit the prehistoric fossils at La Brea Tar Pits in Hancock Park. La Brea Tar Pits is one of the most magnificent fossil collections of prehistoric times in Los Angeles. More than 400 species of unearthed reptiles, mammals, birds, and fish dating back to the ice age are there on display. Architectural wonders aren’t a rarity in Los Angeles. An image of Venice and its picturesque arched bridges and a rare gondolier can be captured between Washington Avenue and Venice Boulevard. The five story atrium of Bradbury Building with wrought iron grillwork, glazed bricks and cage-like elevator will surely remind you of the many movies that have been filmed there. And a tour of Walt Disney Concert Hall, a self guided tour of the hall’s highlights and architectural facts is a must-do.

When it comes to beautiful interiors, The Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels is another architectural marvel. This third largest cathedral of Los Angeles encloses a very modern, inviting, and innovative interior that holds out a warm welcome to its guests. Another place spirituality and intricately designed is the Korean Bell of Friendship. The vibrant nature of Korean culture is seen best on a warm sunny day; a perfect picnic spot.

Hollywood, one of Los Angeles' highlights, may be inaccessible to the public but you can still catch the essence of the glam world in your vacation. You can spot more than 2000 stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There is also the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. On August 23, fans of Rudolph Valentino sill gather to pay respect in Hollywood Forever Cemetery. If you’re traveling on a summer, you can catch some free movies here. Ceremonies on Hollywood Boulevard let you catch your favorite celebrities just a couple of feet away. You can view the brochure to know what events take place when and catch your favorite stars up close and personal.

So many places to visit in Los Angeles for free, so little time – make sure you bring your camera with you to capture all those precious moments!

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