11 Great Reasons to Travel to Hong Kong This Year!

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Hong Kong is host to 11 amazing festivals every year.


Each one is unique and offers its own blend of beauty and true Asian culture. A must see on any vacation itinerary!


Chinese (Lunar) New Year

An exciting time to travel here! New Year is a major holiday in Hong Kong. Many shops close during this time and the festive mood begins about 2 weeks before New Year Day and continues from January 3rd to about the 15th. Awesome street parades and shops playing music to celebrate the holiday are a big part of the fun!



Spring Lantern Festival

A very traditional Chinese festival featuring many beautiful lanterns. It is held in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Well worth the trip!


Ching Ming Festival Held in the spring time and known as “grave sweeping day”. Respect is shown to the deceased by surviving family members as they remove weeds and sweep leaves off of the graves. It is a touching and memorable experience.


Cheung Chau Bun Festival

An exciting competition with people climbing bun towers to snatch buns! A Lot of fun! Many people travel here just to see this particular festival.


Tuen Ng Festival 

Complete with dragon boat races and traditional rice dumplings with pork fillings!


Hungry Ghost Festival

A month long festival designed to appease the hungry ghosts that are allowed to travel freely in this world during this time. Many people perform numerous rites in an attempt to appease the ghosts that have been released from the open gates of hell.

Mid Autumn Festival

Known as the moon festival. Many travelers like to try the ice cream version of the traditional moon cake at this event. Also known as the lantern festival, beautiful lanterns are lit at night throughout many parts of Hong Kong! A beautiful addition to any Asian vacation!


Chung Yeung Festival

A day known in China as Autumn Remembrance. It is very similar to the Ching Ming festival.



Although trick or treating is not common, many shops are decorated for this day. Ocean Park and Disneyland are the places to be if you have a vacation in Hong Kong at this time of year!



Western style decorations are everywhere at this time of year and you can even visit Santa at some of the shopping centers!


New Year's Eve

There are hundreds of thousands of people on the street at this amazing festival! Fireworks and parties galore! Thousands of world travelers have their vacation in Hong Kong every year just to see this amazing event. Truly unforgettable!

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